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Sunday, October 07, 2018


Today I turn 40 and that is indeed a good reason to break the silence out here!

I had some ambitious plans throughout the year and while I am still in pursuit of those, here I am, in its true glory. Someone asked me whether I feel "old and wise" – I would say, as old as I have ever been and wise enough to not know so many things.

My dad had shared a wonderful math equation that has resonated in my head especially this past week:
Math of life = “On birthdays, you add one year in your life and you take away one year of your life.”
Math of life on your birthday = “You add one year in your life and you add lots of happy memories + smiles + achievements to be proud of”

I am not a big birthday person when it comes to celebrating my own but it is a good milestone date to revisit the various hats I wore and to reflect on all that has shaped and inspired me into who I am today.

As I look back, I see a blur of my childhood years and some extremely core memories with my family. They have seen me through my best and worst, have protected me, loved me unconditionally, forgiven my mistakes. They gave me strong roots for which I am lucky and extremely grateful!

I was consumed with choices in education, career and relationships. I made new friends, deepened friendship with some, lost some; wish I had stayed connected with some.

I strengthened the dotted lines with new family members through the matrimonial bond.

I switched from owning a landline to cell phones to the iphone. I roamed around many parts of the globe. My defining moments in life came with being connected to Initiatives of Change and AIESEC and soon after leaving the comfort zone to go to Birmingham.

There were moments when I couldn’t care less about my future and then there were times I did worry about my future.

I found true essence of the word ‘TRAVEL’ through its extremes from ruggedness, culture and history to luxury.

I have loved every bit of my career and industry choices so far. I loved working at all the various organizations - some friends even call me by one of its acronyms! I did go on and off but never derailed from the philanthropic track – something I feel passionate about.

I married at a time I feel was right; to the person I deeply love and respect.

I became a mother – wearing many hats through that one single role – and surprised that I am still alive through all those fears, doubts, letting your heart beat out of your own, the pain of losing one.

Now here I am all of 40 today – switched nationalities on paper and lucky to be connected to two strong heritages; moved from Mac to PC and off the career track for now.

As I roll up my sleeve to what lies ahead, I wish that I can make my boys the most successful venture A and I would ever have. Seeing them and rearing them to be empathetic men, philanthropic and strong citizens of the world will probably be the most precious gifts of all.

To my family, friends, my alma-maters, organizations I have worked at/been part of, my colleagues - here’s to you all who made my 40 count! And here’s to the next 40!

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Here's to the Fourth!

Today was my first ‘happy fourth’ as an American citizen! Was it happy? For most parts yes.
It also happens to be the day when I received my ‘overseas citizen of India’ card. Was I happy? Yes for sure!

When I moved to America 11 years ago, I didn’t see anything special about the so-called ‘American Dream’. Yet it surprised me in many ways particularly for all that it means to the Americans and to those who have made this country their home (that I have encountered). Infact, of all the countries I have traveled to, the level of patriotism is the strongest here and it certainly inspires me to be a good citizen. The country has embraced me with the values of family, diversity, friendship and opportunities; all of which have been near and dear to me in India too!

Today, as I become a part of this celebration with my family and friends, I feel thankful for being connected to my birthplace and at the same time, grateful for what the US has represented for me. As I make this country my home of choice, I would like for my sons to stand by these values too. Yes, it makes me nervous about all the things happening in the country right now; about the direction it is headed in. I hope this is only a glitch in the system and that tomorrow will bring in continued resistance and optimism.

So as I enjoy the day with family and friends, here’s to the nation that celebrates its ‘freedom’; let there be a constant reminder of what the nation stands for and truly represents. Happy fourth indeed!

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Turning One!

Our dearest Armaan,

A year ago, at your birth, your Nana wrote us a lovely note: 
"By having Armaan’ in your life, you have fulfilled one of your ‘armaans’. It was Kivaan’s ‘armaan’ to have a sibling brother. So he got his ‘Armaan’ brother. Now, it is Kivaan and Armaan who will fulfill your next armaan to bring peace and happiness to all of you”

And now a year has passed since that amazing day. A year that was a joyful ride filled with giggles, the first smile, range of emotions including feeling helpless during those weeks of stomach bug, those energetic high-fis, the muahs and by far the best bond of brotherhood! 

You are the apple of your brother’s eyes and for that we feel humbled to have both of you in our lives. These all together have enriched our lives in so many ways – no wonder that the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts! 

A life I had dared not imagine and as I look back at my old life I see how much I have made room for all of the new! Love you our Armaan – here’s  wising you a very happy first birthday my boy! Wishing that you discover all your ‘armaans’ in life and that we can help you achieve them. Look forward to exploring them together!

Love always and forever,
July 5, 2017